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Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School

Are you ready to transcend false negative ego Identity?
Are you ready to become your "True Self"?
Are you ready to become the Ascended Master Self?

Find the answers to these questions and how to do these things
in Amorah's books, on her CD's, and in the trainings.

Pleiadian Lightwork is the name given to the healing, spiritual activation, and ascensions techniques which are part of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.

This mystery school system is essentially the resurrection and contemporization of the ancient Lemurian, Atlantean, and Egyptian systems. Its chief purpose is that of assisting in bringing about the second coming of Christ en masse, when a minimum of 144,000 humans attain to Christ consciousness on Earth. This will trigger an enlightenment wave through the Earth and all her people, and planetary ascension.

The time of the great planetary spiritual awakening is now. By learning to live impeccably, anchoring Higher Self in our bodies, restoring our souls, and aligning multidimensionally with the Great Central Sun, the Source of All That Is,
we shall be victorious!


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  • Amorah Quan Yin wrote the following books, which are the basis for the Pleiadian Lightwork Training:
  • The Pleiadian Workbook:
  • Awakening Your Divine Ka,
  • The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba,
  • Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution,
  • AFFINITY: Reclaiming the Divine Flow of Creation

She is channel for the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, Andromedan Emissaries of Light, Ascended Masters, Intergalactic Federation of Light, and others, and founder of the Dolphin Star Temple and the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.

Amorah's fifth book,is being edited and will be released as soon as possible.
For more information about the books Click Here.

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Home    ~    Pleiadian Lightwork Trainings    ~    List of Practitioners    ~    Calendar of Trainings    ~    Mt. Shasta Lodging
About Amorah    ~    Namibian Crystals    ~    Online Store    ~    Books    ~    CDs and Videos
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